align yourself to go beyond status quo ...


1. going to the root or source
2. Departing markedly from the usual or customary
3. Effecting fundamental changes in current practices or conditions

1. Cause to be filled with something
2. To steep or soak to extract soluble elements or active principles
3. To flavor or scent by steeping 
4. To introduce (a solution) into the body for therapeutic purposes


RADICAL INFUSION is an INFUSION of TRUTH into our innermost parts to break free from the hidden things that keep us from all God intends us to be. ​​

One morning in 2009, had a vision/dream that I was standing in my parent's kitchen and I dropped a glass. Broken glass was everywhere. After sweeping it up, there was no evidence that it had ever happened. But as I stepped near the counter with my foot at the baseboard, my foot was cut by a hidden shard of glass and began to bleed. That’s when God gave me this Word:

"There are things that have happened in my people’s lives which caused them to be broken on the inside. While much of it has been dealt with and to the naked eye it appears to be “all cleaned up", there are hidden shards of glass that remain that have the potential to cut them, make them bleed, and unable to walk into their destiny.  It’s time to clean up the shards of glass."

Why do I need inner-healing if I'm saved?

I often have people ask me how we can have hidden things after salvation that need healing, if Jesus forgave all our sins and made us a new creation? GREAT QUESTION!

When we sincerely accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we are covered in His blood and become a new creation in our SPIRIT MAN. All sins past present and future are forgiven. We are saved and no longer face eternal damnation.
But even before we came to Christ, life’s experiences and perceptions caused our SOUL REALM (mind, will & emotions) to be “tied in knots” like a tie-dyed shirt. Therefore, after salvation, our soul still needs work to untie the knots. This is known as "sanctification". Romans 12 calls it “renewing the mind.” There are many wounds and lies that lodge in our soul and give the enemy access to us. They prevent us from walking in the fullness of all that God intends.   Click here to download Scriptural support for inner-healing . It is 100% biblical.

Radical Infusion involves allowing Holy Spirit to go on a “search and destroy” mission in our soul to “untie the knots”. This is not a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle. Just like untying the rubber bands from a tie-dyed shirt, you can see the areas that had been trapped. There are many common lies we believe and traps we fall into and we need a radical infusion of truth into those inner places to heal our wounds and replace the lies. This enables us to better connect to His heart and know His will.

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